Amos Yee Is Back And Now Calls Himself The Polocle

After a few years away from the online spotlight, Amos Yee is back online and has now renaming himself as the Polocle – a combination of his favourite words “polymath” and “oracle”.

In a new blog post, Amos Yee shed more light on the infamous video ‘Lee Kuan Yew is Finally Dead’ that got him into trouble with the law, and his subsequent incarceration, detention and finally, escape into the America to seek asylum.

He said that right from the start, he spoke up against the PAP government not because he wanted to help others, or to raise awareness on the lack of freedom and rights in Singapore, but instead, he did it to gain attention.

He also said that the viral image of him being released from prison where he looked absolutely traumatised, pale face, eyes deadened, clutching his mother’s arm, was also staged and faked. And once he boarded the taxi, he started laughing at all the reporters who lapped it up.

Once in America, he was diagnosed as suffering from narcissm, and that it was a form of self-hate for him. He hated himself, he didn’t feel adequate, didn’t feel loved. So behaviors like whoring attention, and boasting about himself, were ways to try to prove that he was good enough because he didn’t think he was.

Now that he has settled down in Chicago, he promises that he will change for the better – the attention-whoring, narcissim and general unlikable attitude, he will fix. But his uncompromising desire and courage to share the truth, he will keep because it is a purpose greater than himself.

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