Why Are PAP Losers Allowed To Be Grassroots Advisors, Use PA Facilities & Resources When WP Winners Cannot?

Despite winning the elections for Aljunied, Sengkang and Hougang, Workers’ Party MPs still have to hold their Meet-the-People’s sessions in make-shift cubicles at the open-air void decks. Why? Because PA says that WP cannot use their facilities because they are supposedly non-political.

Contrast this to the PAP losing candidates, who still get the role of ‘grassroots advisors’ and are freely allowed to use the CCs and RCs for their grassroots activities. It’s such an outright lie for the PA to keep pretending to be apolitical only towards the opposition but when it comes to the PAP – the dominant political party in sg, they can close 2 eyes.

So, while the loser-PAP candidates get to use public-funded facilities, elected opposition MPs are not.

Are opposition politicians not Singaporeans? Are residents living in opposition wards not Singaporeans? PAP and PA should stop being such a hypocrite and campaign for a united SG when they themselves are not able to see past partisan politics to work together for all Singaporeans.

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