Li Shengwu: My Uncle Bullied His Siblings and Tore the Family Apart

Li Shengwu, who was fined $15,000 on 29 July for contempt of court, said in his Facebook post that his uncle Lee Hsien Loong bullied his siblings and tore the family apart. What has the dishonourable son done to make his nephew and siblings publicly declare their contempt towards him again and again?

Li Shengwu’s full post:

“Apparently the court has rendered judgement on my case today, and fined me $15,000 for a comment made to my friends on Facebook. I disagree with the judgement, and worry that it will reinforce the PAP’s tendency to suppress ordinary political speech. In response to three words in a private Facebook post, the government has wasted three years of civil servants’ time.

In a kind of cruel irony, the AGC has spent long hours lecturing me about my grandfather’s values. The AGC is supposed to be an apolitical agency, even though the current attorney general was my uncle’s personal lawyer.

As I was arranging my bookshelf the other day, I came across a gift from my childhood. (photo attached) Those were better times, before my uncle bullied his siblings and tore the family apart.”

Those are strong words coming from Pinky’s own nephew who will face jail if he does not pay the fine within two weeks. This was all for a Facebook post where Li Shengwu described the Singapore government as “very litigious and has a pliant court system”.

A bully to his family and a bully to his countrymen, the dishonourable son will fix whoever he wants and his nephew isn’t spared, as long as the PAP is in power.

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