Ho Ching Sends Cryptic Message After Leader of Opposition Pritam Singh Announces Salary Donation

When Pritam Singh announced he would be donating 50% of his salary, the all-noble and charitable Ho Ching was so surprised by his generosity that she wanted people to know that there are also people (ehem) who donate without making announcements.

Having shared PAP IB Calvin Cheng's post on this matter, she wrote this cryptic message on her Facebook:

"There are lots of folks who donated and continue to donate quietly, without making any public announcement. Some folks make public announcement of part of their donations, and still maintain privacy on the rest of their regular donations. Other continue to donate anonymously. Yet others put their donations into their wills. But of course, not all are angels. There are folks who will scheme to get money from others in their families, of friends, some by stealth, others by outright manipulation and cheating. Take all kinds – and only some may be caught by law. Everyone has to answer to their conscience, the Almighty, and their karma in time to come."

Is she trying to say that she herself is one of the many "folks who donated and continue to donate quietly"? Is she feeling jelly after Singaporeans praise Pritam Singh for his transparent donations while nobody is praising her or her husband? 

If Ho Ching really wanted, she could make a public announcement on her donations too like her husband himself has done. However, looking at how she keeps her salary such a big secret, it seems the only way she can boast about her nobility is by writing such cyptic messages on her Facebook. How ironic that she is writing about donations made in secret.

Yes, karma will find those who manipulate and take money from poor citizens.





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