Former PAP NMP Calvin Cheng Slams Pritam Singh’s Salary Donation As Wayang And Divisive Politics

PAP IB Calvin Cheng unleashed two Facebook posts to stir controversy over WP Pritam Singh's generosity for donating 50% of his salary. Calvin Cheng said Pritam Singh was participating in political theatre (wayang) by publicly announcing his salary donation while bringing up his family. Calvin Cheng said his donation was an "unnecessary sacrifice" and likened this move to a popularity contest to score political points.

Calvin Cheng carried on with fear-mongering about how politics is divisive, and accused Pritam Singh of "poison(ing) his political opponents, and divide the electorate" by making a public spectacle of his salary donation. Calvin Cheng claimed this public declaration only puts pressure on other politicians to follow suit.

Ironically Calvin Cheng mentioned in this Facebook post that his master Lee Hsien Loong "publicly donated 100% of his salary increase for the 5 years after 2007". However have Singaporeans seen any PAP MP feeling pressured into making similar salary donations publicly? 

Calvin Cheng continued to defend the very-unpopular notion that Singapore's politicians need high compensation. He parroted how capable people will be deterred from stepping forward to serve the country because they will have to make public sacrifices. This argument rings hollow as Singapore's political opposition do not seem to have difficulty in recruiting and fielding very capable candidates in recent years.

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