Deliveroo Discriminates Against Cyclist Riders By Prioritising Orders To Motorcyclists

Dear AllSingapore Stuff,

I have being working with deliveroo for three years plus. From what i know deliveroo was started by using cyclist as thier main rider, but i come to realise that deliveroo company in singapore has being unfair to cyclist.

1. It is because as most of the orders were given to motorcyclist before giving the spare orders to cyclist even location is near. About 2 years ago when there are less motorcyclist we cyclists still can get orders but now hardly. Already email to deliveroo few times to tell them what happen, they will tell you system is fair and will ping to nearest rider. But the truth is system will ping all the motorcyclist first even distance is near ,we cyclists know that because we always gather together with motorcyclist. Even if we get orders usually is super far distance that cancel by motorcyclist that don’t want to send or during rainy day when most motorcyclist don’t want to work. We full time cyclists earning have been greatly reduce more then half. Because of this happen alot of new cyclists are using motorcyclist account to work, so is really unfair for us especially we old riders that do not want to beat the system by using motorcycle account.

2. The amount of delivery fee were greatly reduce by almost $2, same distance as last time used to be $6.80 now has become $5 or $5.20. Deliveroo reduce delivery so much when they can save by give cyclists order first as cyclist get $1 lesser then motorcyclist. So at the same time need not reduce amount of delivery fee.

In term of speed of sending orders cyclists can be alot of times faster then motorbike as we need not find parking lot, cycle on short that unassailable to motorcycle. Remember the core of deliveroo started with cyclists, I hope deliveroo will take care of cyclists first and stop telling us system is fair when the system is unfair to us. Fulltime cyclists also got mouths to feed at home not only motorcyclist.

KG Deliveroo Cyclist

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