Man Speaks Up for Cleaner Ah Umm, Gahmen Agencies Contacted His Employer

What happens when you are a good samaritan writing about the an old auntie who still has to work hard as a cleaner to earn a living? Turns out, it is not the old lady the gahmen reaches out to, it is your employer they contact. Here's briefly what happened.

In a series of Instagram posts, the good samaritan wrote about his encounter with an ah umm (old lady) on the MRT. She wanted to get to Sentosa to find a higher-paying ($10/h) cleaner job as her current cleaner job at Tampines hub ($5/h) is barely enough for meals, transport and rent. Her husband has passed away and her only son died during an accident while serving NS. 

She said "Government last time say will compensate us, one month give us $300. But then until now, where got? One cent I also never receive from them. Now national day coming, they ask us hang the flag. I don't want to hang. Hang for what? My son died for this flag. This flag also never help me".

The good samaritan eventually found out that the ah umm is 82 years old.

"Despite her age and despite how f*cked-over she is by this failure of a country, she wants to work MORE," he said. He also raised a point on the minimum wage – "This is why when people say shit like, 'but how will we pay for minimum wage?' I refuse to take their shit. We can absolutely afford to take care of people like her. $5/h is not a liveable wage. $5/h is a slave wage".

So why are ministers paid millions while the nation can't afford to support people like ah umm? The good samaritan summed it up nicely "No public servant in Singapore deserves to be paid $1M/year".

He reminded Singaporeans

"When you vote for the PAP because you want to show your gratitude to the party of LKY,

When you vote for the PAP because you are afraid that your future in the public sector might be endangered,

When you vote for the PAP because you want your GRC to have sheltered walkways and lift upgrading, 

You probably forget that people like Ah Umm still exist. Don't forget about them. The future of our country is more than just your future".

Obviously, those paid millions are not happy with what they saw and in a Twitter update, the good samaritan said his employers were contacted by "people working in governmental agencies".

Gahmen efficiency is really top-notch when it comes to this kind of things. If only they can be more efficient in helping the needy.


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