Deliveroo Accused Of Mistreating Its Delivery Riders

Dear All Singapore Stuff,

As a part time rider I have notice that Deliveroo has very inhuman treatment to drivers compare to other company like FoodPanda or GrabFood.

Deliveroo demands riders to reach from point to point within their computer estimated time and if rider fails they will send warning letter with obvious threats at the end to terminate our account if we don’t improve.

So may I ask if it is fair for someone on bicycle to reach customer within 30 mins after picking up the food when some distance of customer location can be up to 6.5KM. Also shouldn’t we take into facts the traffic, raining days and restaurant delay.

If we even try to debate or stand up for our self they will threaten us saying we are inappropriate in the way we talk.

Riders safety is the number one. But seems like Deliveroo just don’t care cause riders are robots that’s disposable.

Best Regards, Zhang

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