Covid19: MOM and MOH Should Be More Transparent In Reporting Race of Infected Covid Patients

Ever since the emergence of CO-VID 19 cases, I have observed a spike in racists comments online like on Facebook,Twitter and other social media platforms.

In most cases the racists comments are targeted at Indian Community which comprises of Foreign Workers from India, Bangladesh and local born and bred Singapore Citizens. It is an established fact that this virus which attacks all regardless of skin colour originated from Wuhan, Hubei province in China yet these racists comments blames the spike entirely on the Indian Community. I attributed this to the way MOH reports their daily CO-VID 19 cases which I receive every day past midnight.

In all these reports whenever the infected person is a Indian/Bangladesh Foreign Worker either residing in dormitories or in the community, their race is revealed. However when it is of another race, MOH will termed it as “Foreign Work Pass Holder”.

Is MOH painting a picture that only the Foreign Indian Workers or Imported Cases from India are the sole culprits for the recent spike in infections ?

Is MOM and MOH painting a picture that in all of the 43 Purpose Built Dormitories (PBD) and Community; there is only Indian/Bangladesh work pass holders and no work pass holders from other countries like PRC, Myanmar etc ?

Has MOM and MOM forgotten the source of this virus ? Has our society forgotten that our Government allowed free access of PRC workers and tourists back into Singapore in the midst of Phase 1 when we are still in Circuit Breaker (CB) mode.

There was a case where a someone using the tweet handle “Sharon Liew88” who tweeted “appuneneh virus” When a police report was lodged, the person who tweeted that racists comment was arrested and to the shock of many it was not a Chinese but a Malay Man who is case is due for sentencing.

Lately there is a surge of imported cases from India and yesterday I read on FB comments such as “Thanks to CECA” and “India chased back their infected residents to Singapore where they work. In actual fact these imported cases chose to come back to Singapore as our country is known internationally to have the best medical facilities.

In order for these racists comments to stop as it may escalate to racial tension in our multi race and creed society, I urge MOM and MOH to be transparent in their daily reporting by categorising the race of the infected patients. In this way society at large will stop putting the blame squarely on the Indian community be it Foreign, Imported or Locals.

ASS Loyal Reader Paul Antony Fernandez

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