Ubi Avenue Landlord Withholds Tenant’s $3000 Deposit After Lease Ended

A contributor wants to warn others who are intending to rent an office space in Ubi Centre. According to screenshots sent to us, the Ubi landlord allegedly did not return the tenant's deposit after the 2-year lease was over. The tenant has been chasing for the $3000 deposit since August 2019, but the landlord has been making excuses that he "has no money to return" even though he has rented out four other office spaces.

Below is her story


Please help to share this post if you are intending to rent an office in Ubi Centre.

This post is regarding to the landlord who did not return the deposit to the tenant after the lease finished.

I rented an office in 57 Ubi Ave 1, Ubi Centre #06-xx for two years. By right, my contract should end on the 31 August 2019 but due to the landlord mixed up with the dates, I ended up returning him one month earlier which is on 30th July 2019. The new tenant came in 4 days earlier before 1st August due to 7th month lunar calendar.

I passed the new tenant the rest of the keys(extra keys & letter box keys) on the 1st day August. Everything seems to be alright as the landlord did not mention any repairs that need to be made and since the new tenant has already moved in.

I messaged the landlord since August 2019 regarding on my deposit. Everytime I will be told he has no money to return me. ( Please note he has four offices to collect rental every month)

The contract stated the deposit of $3000 has to be return to me within 14 days of returning the keys.

I have lodged a police report on 16th Sept 219 but was told that the police do not handle such dispute , the police advised me to consult the lawyer on lease dispute.

I consulted the lawyer and was charged $300 for the first lawyer letter . Despite the lawyer letter sent to him, he did not returned my deposit. Further consultation with the lawyer will cost more then $2000 to let the lawyer take action.

On Nov 2019 he suggested to return me the deposit by instalment of $500 per month.( seriously I have never accounted such landlord who wants to pay by instalment for deposit, no money don’t be a landlord la). So far I have only received two payments of $500, meaning he still own me $2000.

On March 2020, he still got the cheek to tell me I did not pay for the aircon servicing and ask me for a discount of $1000. He will source for $1000 to return me only.

Anyway fast forward to this month, despite I asked for a $1500 instead of $2000, he has not returned my message since then.

This is a loop hole to such case because :

1) Police does not handle such case

2) Small claim Tribunal does not handle commercial lease claims

3) Lawyer consultation is too expensive

So what can a tenant do when the landlord does not return the tenant the deposit? No ways.


This person is also doing renovation works. So please be careful.

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