Opinion: The Workers Party Should Develop “One Service” App For Its Town Councils

On 10 July 2020, residents of Sengkang GRC voted for The Workers Party (WP) to represent them in Parliament and also to handle their municipal matters. In that context WP has announced that there will be a stand alone Sengkang GRC Town Council and the chairperson is Elected MP Ms He Ting Ru.

I foresee a problem here when it concerns municipal matters like littering, fused lightings, water ponding, tree and shrubs pruning. PAP has a Municipal Office App called “One Service” where residents can take photographs and report such matters for action. Although many a times cases submitted are closed before the matter is successfully handled. Now that WP is the duly elected representatives for Sengkang GRC, will PAP be gracious enough to allow residents to continue reporting municipal matters to One Service App?

Keep in mind that monthly Service & Conservancy Charges (S&CC) are paid to the respective Town Councils, which under the Town Council Act states must not be affiliated to any specific political party and be allowed to be managed by the elected representatives. I am of the opinion that PAP will make it difficult for residents to highlight such matters by directing the residents to report directly to WP.

May I suggest that WP designs a similar app to report municipal matters for Aljunied & Sengkang GRCs and Hougang SMC so that residents in their respective WP Town Councils can submit cases to for prompt action. I hope WP will implement this humble suggestion of mine.

Thank you
Mr Paul A. Fernandez

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