Son Makes Online Appeal To Identify Woman Who Attacked Elderly Taxi Driver

A Facebook user has asked for help to identify a lady who allegedly assaulted his elderly father who is a taxi driver in his 70s. Unfortunately the woman fled the scene before the police arrived. The incident happened on 15 July 2020 at Prinsep Street.

The elderly taxi driver had picked up the woman along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 beside Block 417. The lady then asked to borrow the taxi driver’s mobile phone, and she apparently made numerous calls over a 17 minute duration. At one time, she got into a heated argument over a call.

When they finally arrived at Prinsep Street, the woman returned the taxi driver’s phone but instructed him to “wait here” even though she was requested to make payment for the taxi fare. The taxi driver found her behaviour suspicious and decided to follow the lady from a distance. It was during this time when the alleged attacks happened to the driver.

Less than half a minute after following the lady, she allegedly swung her arm at the driver. This was followed by a subsequent attack where the lady supposedly swung a pizza board at the elderly driver. the woman then went back to the taxi in an attempt to fling the cab’s NETS machine at the driver.

The woman was able to escape from the scene before the police arrived. While the incident is pending police investigation, the son of the elderly taxi driver has made an online appeal for eye witnesses to step forward.


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