Owner Of Nightmare Unit At Belvia DBSS Frustrated With Inaction By Authorities

A Facebook user has come forward with multiple complaints about their new Bedok DBSS unit which turned out to be a nightmare to live in. Since moving in from 2015, the DBSS owners have been plagued with building faults which ultimately led to the unit having deplorable conditions.

The owners provided numerous photos showing various issues like their floor pooling with water when their neighbour below switches on the aircon while taking hot showers, foul odours and sewage seeping into their bathroom whenever their immediate neighbours excrete, bacteria entering their potable water pipes and microbial growth on their bathroom walls.

In some instances, these microbes allegedly caused skin irritation to the point where surgery was needed to remove a growth due to a related infection. They have resorted to buying 20 to 30 bottles of clean water for their basic survival ever since their bath and kitchen water pipes had been exposed to a bacterium which causes food poisoning and diarrhea.

To make matters worse, the owners had tried reaching out countless times to various authorities such as the DBSS developer, Town Council, Housing Development Board (HDB), Public Utilities Board (PUB). However their problems and tortures allegedly went unheard or appeared to be brushed aside. In Aug 2019 the desperate owners went ahead to see MND Minister Lawrence Wong during his Meet-the-People Session. Even though Lawrence Wong promised to get BCA, PUB and HDB to look into their housing woes, no one has contacted the owners for almost a year.

They have also called out PM Lee Hsien Loong and Maliki Osman, the mayor of southeast district, for failing to deliver on their promise of safety and security for Singapore citizens. If her story is true, there is a clear lack of accountability and social responsibility in refusing to attend and solving the housing defects of these owners, a problem which has been tormenting them for five years.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/geraldine.tang.79/posts/174246200789101

Note: A PUB representative reached out to us saying that both PUB and HDB have put up Facebook posts respectively to clarify this matter

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