GE2020: Woman Unable to Vote As System Says She Has Voted

ELD has yet another cock-up to answer for. A voter was unable to cast her vote as an eligible voter because the system apparently reflected that she has voted.

When the woman went to the polling station to scan her NRIC, the system reflected that she has voted. She then informed the staff that she suspected an error and she was given a blue voting slip to cast her “vote”.

She found out later that the blue voting slip was only to assist in follow-up investigations and would not be treated as an official vote. Realising her voting access has been obstructed, she made a police report.

ELD must come clean. When an eligible citizen cannot exercise the right to vote, it is a violation of democracy. This is a serious matter about the integrity of the electoral process.

There have already been several reported cases of polling agents telling elderly voters who to vote for on polling day. We cannot tolerate such actions which affect the integrity of the electoral system, especially when the ELD is under PMO. Incidents like these just serve to put the credibility of those who wear white in question.

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