GE2020: WP Png Eng Huat Exposes The Civil Service For Addressing Unelected PAP Loser As MP Of Hougang

Former MP of Hougang Mr Png Eng Huat has taken to his Facebook to reveal how the civil service is not as non-partisan as they claim to be.

He said that residents have received letters and replies from Ministry of Education and Minitry of Social And Family Development, which say that the losing and unelected PAP candidate Lee Hong Chuan is the MP of Hougang SMC. He said that he doesn't blame the civil servants, but questioned why there was no attempt by the PAP to correct these errors over time.

"The PAP had come up with the Grassroots Advisor scheme to perverse the one-man-one-vote system so that its losing candidate will remain relevant and visible, despite not having the mandate to run the constituency."

This is another insidious way in which the PAP tries to hold on to power. If you're sick and tired of dirty politics by the PAP, make your vote count. Vote them out.

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