GE2020: Police Report Made On Murali Pillai For His “Scurrilous Attack” Video

On 30 June after filing his nomination papers, Murali Pillai made a video on his Facebook page claiming there is this “scurrilous attack” post which surfaced “minutes after election has been declared in Bukit Batok SMC.” Murali Pillai admitted how he failed as a father as he described how this alleged post splashed out details of his criminal son was a victim of a scandal. Murali Pillai said the timing of this alleged leak left nothing to imagination, implying it was related to his intent to re-contest in Bukit Batok SMC.

Curiously no one online had seen any evidence of this “scurrilous attack” post. Even through netizens’ crowdsourcing, there was a mysterious absence of any such post. Naturally this led to mounting rumours about this “scurrilous attack” post being a fabrication or imaginary. Could it have been fake news?

A concerned citizen informed All Singapore Stuff that he had filed a police report against Bukit Batok PAP candidate Murali Pillai. According to the report, the concerned Singaporean took issue with Murali Pillai for his video about the “scurrilous attack” on his family and son. This person also claimed he forwarded the police report to the POFMA office for them to follow up.

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