Sinkie Complains He Pay $7K for SQ Business Class Ticket But Was Not Served Champagne

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A man who travelled on SQ 324 business class on 20 June is complaining that his flight was daylight robbery.


He say that he pay $7,000 for his business class ticket but how come the flight don't have champagne, only 1 red wine, 1 white wine and tiger beer, which he says is also served to economy class passengers. He also say his lounge also never serve champagne.

BRO, you so GIAN PNG SQ champagne? If you want to drink champagne so bad go and buy from duty free lah! Cheaper also no need pay $7,000 just to drink it.

Then after that he start to complain that SQ stewardess never serve him drinks before the meal service, and ask how come business class passengers pay so much but don't even get extra drinks. He goes on to complain how com the SQ girl not friendly to him when they serve him but chat amongst themselves in the galley.

eh HALLO! How is still COVID19 period, still need to maintain SAFE DISTANCING!! You think your $7,000 very big deal, can risk the lives of the SQ stewardess? Wah lao..this kind of people see already hot sia! Think pay money means he big shot! You say you won't travel with SQ anymore, I think SQ also happy they don't have you this kind of gian png customer also!

ASS Loyal Reader Ah Huat

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