GE2020: PAP’s Jessica Tan Thought Makcik Wear Tudung to Look Pretty

PAP East Coast candidate Jessica Tan, aka upside-down mask woman, embarrassed herself once again when during a house visit, she failed to understand why the makcik declined to take a photo with her when she was not wearing a Tudung.

Insisting on a photo, she said “No need la pretty already!” Xia suay. 


Jessica Tan then sent the daughter of the makcik who wrote about the incident on Twitter an apology. Did she really think an apology could save her image? Well, it is obvious the daughter is not satisfied.

After so many years of house visits and interacting with the Malay community during grassroots activities, as an MP one would expect her to have a basic level of understanding regarding on Malay Muslim issues. However, from this incident, she has shown us that she is shallow and is only interested in taking photo to post for publicity.

This is a disappointing standard PAP has set for its MPs. Do they need to do a racial and religious harmony module all over again?

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