GE2020: PAP’s Jalan Besar Candidate Mr Sundilah Accused of Playing Up Malay Stereotype

During the Jalan Besar constituency broadcast, PAP candidate Dr Wan Rizal Wan Zakariah said that he spent his years in the kampong, chasing chickens, climbing trees and in the HDB he played sports, that’s how he ended up in normal stream in secondary school. What he is missing is just lepak play guitar at void deck.

Netizens have pointed out that he was painting the perfect picture of the Malay stereotype.

Is it necessary to play up the stereotypical image of a Malay boy and worse, suggest that as the reason he got into normal stream in secondary school? What’s wrong with normal stream? Not elite means no good?

By getting the PAP candidates to bring in their so-called humble backgrounds and cham rags-to-riches stories, the PAP is just turning the common people off and sounding even more patronizing by portraying themselves as “role models”.

The PAP has seriously lost its way and just doesn’t know how to connect with the ground. The overuse of the humble background narrative is simply cliche and isn’t going to help. It is just going to alienate the people more.

The PAP is outdated and out of ideas. It is doubtful the new slate of candidates who fit their elite profile can produce good and creative ideas for the country, for the people

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