GE2020: Fernvale Is Ang Mo Kio GRC’s Forgotten Child

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High rise littering has always been a problem in Fernvale, especially at the blocks with rental flats.

Look at these pictures. They were only taken last week, and up till now, no one has come to fix the damaged shelter. Usually I'm bochup, but there are many toddlers going to school right in front of the damaged shelter. Everytime I walked pass I also worry for them.

Even before the shelter was built, there is always litter on the ground every morning. I have made complains to NEA since last year, but it has still not been resolved. I only see some lousy paper stuck to the lift area to warn people about high rise littering.

The rental flat there really messy, coffee shop also out of control, bunch of uncles always smoke in the coffee shop. During CB also sit behind the coffee shop chit chatting.

So far, no PAP or opposition MP have walkabout here. Don't even have any opposition poster here.

Why are Fernvale residents like me not being fully represented? Why are our concerns not taken seriously? Even during this election time also don't bother to come visit us. Is the PAP so confident that they will win Ang Mo Kio GRC until they can completely forget or neglect us?

Proximity wise, Fernvale is actually closer to Sengkang than Ang Mo Kio. I wish at the next elections Fernvale will be redrawn into Sengkang GRC so that I can vote for WP and vote the PAP out!

ASS Loyal Reader Simon

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