GE2020: WP Chief Pritam Singh Standing By Raeesah Khan Is The Epitome Of True Leadership

Despite the dirty smearing of the PAP on WP candidate Raeesah Khan, the WP leadership Pritam Singh and Sylvia Lim stood by their candidate and came out looking even more good than the PAP. If the PAP thought they could destroy the WP Sengkang team with this, they can’t be even more wrong.

Shortly after the police report was made, the WP held a doorstop interview with the media to clarify this.

Raeesah apologised, without making any excuses for herself. Pritam and Sylvia stood by her and did not throw her under the bus. He even said that he did not regret fielding her because of her grassroots efforts and her passion for the people. More importantly, he was accountable to the public and to his party members by not whitewashing past actions, but rather emphasized authenticity and transparency.

Compare this to the PAP who just left Ivan him to defend himself. Did Heng Swee Keat stand by him?

All these qualities – standing up for your people, accountability to your people, honesty, transparency, uniting the people – these are hallmarks of true leadership that unfortunately the PAP sorely lacks now.

This GE, you can choose the type of leader you want. Make the right choice, make your vote count.

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