GE2020: Tharman and Dr. Chee Fist Bump at Bukit Batok During Walkabout

During Dr Chee's campaign trail at Bukit Batok yesterday, he bumped into Tharman who was campaigning for Murali Pillai. They gave each other a gentlemanly fist bump before heading off. 

According to Dr Chee, he saw Murali after that too and wished him all the best. Dr Chee said on his Facebook that "Elections should be a contest of ideas not personal attacks".

It is no doubt that both Dr Chee and Tharman are gentlemen, the latter being kind enough to support his helpless team member Ah Mu at Bukit Batok. It does not reflect well on Ah Mu when he can't stand on his own and since he is so incompetent, it is better for Dr Chee to take over Bukit Batok and show residents there what Ah Mu failed to achieve.

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