GE2020: Sinkies Should Make Police Report On All The Racist PAP Comments!

The PAP thinks that just because they wear White, they have become so delusional that they think that they are so innocent and pure and clean. They think that they have the moral highground and can smear opposition candidates by making police reports against them.

Once again, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

So many PAP Ministers and MPs have made so many disgusting and racist comments against the minorities themselves, even the late Lee Kuan Yew is known to have made so many racist comments against Malays!

Standing in solidarity with Raeesah, all of us should make police reports about the various racist things PAP have said (there is a huge archive of this and its easily found because they’re not ashamed of it) and inundate SPF with these reports. If thousands of Singaporeans do this, they’ll have to stop the smear campaign and investigation into Raeesah!

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