GE2020: Police Report Made Against Man Who Reported WP Candidate Raeesah Khan To The Police

A police report has been made against the man who is believed to have reported WP's Sengkang candidate Raeesah Khan to the police for her 2018 social media posts.

The man, a known PAP IB, Abdul Malik bin Ghazali, outed himself in a Facebook post by claiming that he was the one of the first to leak out and viral screenshots of her Twitter account.

"Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones".

By helping his PAP masters, Mr Ghazali forgot that he himself is not innocent of making racist remarks. A search through his past tweets and comments on Facebook revealed that he has ownself made many inflammatory and divisive remarks about people of other races.

In the police report, he was accused of violating multiple laws under the Sedition Act, tried to insinuate religious discord by abusing his Islamic beliefs.

His past criminal antecedents were also dug up. He is an ex-convict for cheating his customer's money as an insurance agent, and had previously also threatened to burn MP Vivian Balakrishnan for his role in the Youth Olympics budget fiasco.

Mr Ghazali is also a former staunch opposition supporter and even a member of SDP before turning 180 degrees to become a fervent PAP supporter and IB. And he is not shy from admitting it.

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