GE2020: Petition Started for PAP to Apologise for Statement on Raeesah Khan

A petition for the PAP to apologise for its press statement on Raeesah Khan has started today.

Earlier, the PAP wrote in its press statement on Raeesah Khan "Why does the WP still consider her worthy of consideration as an MP? This is a serious matter, which goes to the fundamental principles on which our country has been built." 

The petition starters found the PAP behaving hypocritically as PAP members themselves have made racially insensitive remarks. Examples listed below:

1.“Bus filled with young terrorist trainees?” – caption of photo posted by ex YPAP member, Jason Neo, of Malay children from Huda Kindergarten wearing traditional Muslim headwear

2. “We have developed a plan to tackle this challenge [foreign workers hanging around in the field]. But it takes a virus to empty the space” – Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, 2020

3. "One evening, I drove to Little India and it was pitch dark but not because there was no light, but because there were too many Indians around." – Former PAP MP Mr Choo Wee Khiang, 1992“

4. Older generation of S'poreans not ready for non-Chinese PM: Heng Swee Keat” – headline from TODAYOnline, 2019 (police report has apparently been filed for this)


Who else but the PAP themselves are to be blamed for the petition and police reports against them? Who was the one who started playing dirty politics? Now Singaporeans are letting them have a taste of their own medicine!

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