GE2020: PAP Candidate Hany Soh’s Facebook Page Ownself Wished Ownself Recovery

PAP Marsiling-Yew Tee candidate Hany Soh’s Facebook admin was caught forgetting to switch accounts. This happened when a comment appeared to ownself console ownself after she posted about fracturing her foot during her campaign.

Hany Soh posted that when running from unit to unit while visiting residents at Blk 891B yesterday afternoon, she missed a step and fell, sustaining a fracture on her left foot. As a result she is cutting down house visits the next few days.

After Hany Soh made that post, Hany Soh commented “Oh gosh…pls take care and get well soon”. Oh gosh.

In an attempt to save herself further embarrassment, Hany Soh clarified that the person who posted the comment was the “admin of my page” who was so excited to show his concern that he forgot he is logged into her page. She said “the comment itself was in fact made by Kelvin 孙文海, the host for my Woodgrove Channel Facebook live streams, who was added as an admin of my page to facilitate our collaboration”.

For those of you still wondering if these kind of politician’s Facebook pages are managed by themselves, you got your answer there. How can we know for sure who is the one making posts and replying to comments on the page? Worse, do politicians or MPs outsource their jobs to other people? Can they be accountable to the public with this hands-off approach?

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