Reader’s Contribution: People’s Association Ignores Needy Tanjong Pagar Resident’s House Leaking Issue

The Peoples Association doesn’t care bout people.

I’m living alone with severe health and financial problems. I’m on a long medical leave by the doctor. My house has been leaking incessantly for many many months now. It got so bad, it caused a huge spike in my water bill usage. It has also affected me health.

I was afflicted by fungal infection due to the leak. It is imperative repairs are made.  Now, I’ve tried all the social welfare organisations to no avail.

I even talked my MP Dr Chia Shi-Lu over my problems and the leak issue. He said he will foot the bill for the repairs and told me to contact HDB and the Town Council. He also said, the Peoples Association can help me.They are aware of the problem and told me they will get back to me. Unfortunately, the leak remained unrepaired today.

I’m also living in darkness as the ceiling lights at home has burst. I’ve a profound fear of the darkness. This problem has caused me to stay out and return home at around 5-6 a.m everyday (when there’s light). There’s clearly insufficient funds to hire an electrician. I contacted the PA some time ago and they are also aware of the issue. However, when I tried to remind em of the problem, they ignored me!?!?

I thought the PA were supposed to help pple in need?


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