Marine Parade Town Council Resident Plagued By Leakage Problems Since February 2020

Dear All Singapore Stuff

We have been sending feedback and photos to HDB since Feb 2020 regarding the leakage problem inside our house at 126 Geylang East (water seeping through our kitchen entrance wall tiles, kitchen windows surrounding, damp patches/bubbles on living room, kitchen and toilet ceilings, built-in cabinet at kitchen affected and wall paint damaged etc). We suspect that these problems happened after the HIP work completed sometime mid last year and the waterproofing was not probably done at the upper unit.

HDB officer came to our unit several times to inspect the problems. But it seems that he wasn’t of much help. We did not opt for the HIP (Home Improvement Programme) and yet have to face all these leakage problems. We are really troubled and feel totally helpless whenever we look at the situations get worse.


The Geylang East resident is in the Marine Parade Town Council which was previously held by the PAP. It is currently contested by the WP team Yee Jenn Jong, Muhammad Fadli Bin Mohammed Fawzi, Nathaniel Koh Kim Kui, Ron Tan Jun Yen and Muhammad Azhar Bin Abdul Latip. Perhaps the worries of this resident can be solved by having involved and concerned Members of Parliament in charge of her town council.

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