GE2020: PAP Supporter Heckles Lee Hsien Yang, Asks Him Not To Air His Dirty Linen In Public

On a PSP walkabout at a market, a man in red confronted Lee Hsien Yang and shouted at him that he is shameful, and asked him to settle his family matters at home.

In the video, he could be heard shouting: “it’s shameful! Family matter ss..settle at home. Family matter settle at home don’t bring to the public. Singaporean not interested in your family problem.”

Lee Hsien Yang politely replied him: “You are entitled to your own opinions” before walking away.

The man then went on to rant “Don’t wash dirty linen of the family in the public. Shameful! Xia Suay!”

Is this man a real resident of the constituency airing his views? Or is he a paid actor of the PAP to cast aspersions and ruin the good reputation of the PSP?

The PAP must be shivering in their pants now after seeing the huge ground support that the PSP has in the constituencies that they are contesting in. They are so scared of losing that they have activated their lackeys to come out and heckle PSP members who are merely walking the ground and greeting residents.

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