GE2020: PAP Josephine Teo Ignores Resident’s Concerns And Rudely Walks Away Before He Finish Talking

During her walkabout at a market in Jalan Besar GRC, Josephine Teo approached a man to give out her propaganda flyer and ask him to support her.

However, when the man started asking her about why he didn’t receive $3,000 in financial help from the government due to Covid19, she was so stunned by his question and lack of support in the PAP that she even dropped the stack of flyers she was holding in her hands. After she picked up the flyers, she just brushed him aside in a patronising tone before just rudely walking off to approach other people, even before the man could finish saying his piece.

Jalan Besar voters, is this the type of MP you want to represent you? Do you really think that Josephine Teo can be your voice when she doesn’t even have the patience and respect for her voters to listen to their concerns and just walk away from you?

If you don’t want such a rude and patronising person to represent you in Parliament, you know what to do.

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