Lee Hsien Yang Says Covid19 Task Force Should Have Been Led By Infectious Disease Expert Dr Paul Tambyah of SDP

Lee Hsien Yang has come out to endorse SDP’s Chairman Paul Tambyah as the man who should have led the Multi Ministry Task Force in dealing with Covid19.

Dr Tambyah is a NUS Professor, as well as the incoming president of the International Society of Infectious Diseases, which would have made him more qualified in understanding and tackling the disease than PAP Ministers Gan Kim Yong and Lawrence Wong.

It is time for the PAP government to stop putting military Generals into positions where they have no domain knowledge. For Minister of Health, people want someone who’s ACTUALLY had experience in healthcare.

If Paul Tambyah had been in-charge of the Covid task force, perhaps we wouldn’t still be having infected cases in the hundreds, unlinked cases spreading around in the community, and our lives can resume some remblance of normalcy.

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