GE2020: The PAP is Scared Of PSP And Is Resorting To Underhanded Tactics To Sabo Them

Hello readers. So much again has occured within our political circus. A fake bookie trying to scare people of a PAP victory through WhatsApp, specifically in WP and PSP contested wards. A Minister mixing up one Lee brother for the other. Some jackass stealing PSP flyers. Another Jackass tearing up PSP posters in Bukit Batok. PSP Posters in West Coast GRC being forcibly removed from lamp posts for “safety purposes” says town council. Opposition candidates given an invite to the Chinese debate AT THE LAST HOUR.

I don’t need to be some guy with a fancy degree in Political Science to know that the PAP is scared of the PSP and is resorting to underhanded tactics to try and sabo their first run for elections. Not saying that the other parties don’t have it bad. They clearly do with everything from fake allegations of shenanigans to Town council workers giving PAP stuff despite the obvious reason that they’re civil servants, ie beholden to the state’s function, notwithstanding who is in government. But I will focus on them on the sole reason that in less than a year, they have somehow gained attraction as the 3rd contender along the WP and PAP.

Despite a continuous lack of Manpower, they have somehow managed to scrape the largest field of opposition candidates under one banner; ranging from veterans within the private sector to bright eyed young people trying to fight for a better future. This is amid Tan Cheng Bock giving one final push of his career. The grand old man of Ayer Rajah has to call it a day sometime soon. He’s 80 and despite a tiring 26 years of previous government service, he’s willing to push it to 31 if his team snags West Coast GRC. The constant media barrage that follows where he walks, the amount of management he has to undertake… At one point he even had to use his own residence to induct new members into the PSP because there wasn’t anywhere else that would accept the booking for such an event. What more does one need to expect from this man ?

Granted his party does contest mostly west leaning area, but it at least brings the fight to areas that previously had little chance to jeopardize the PAP’s mandate much like how the WP remains an eastern thorn to them, mostly the areas between Tampines and Toa Payoh. Let us be real. Not one opposition party has even close to the pile of resources the PAP has obtained by skimming off the top of whatever budget surplus they had from running this place uncontested for 60 years. But at least with them, we may have the very slim chance of an informal coalition if the best case scenario plays out. The WP takes some seats in the east, the PSP the west and other hopefuls in between for a parliament where MPs don’t just sleep at work in their red armchairs

Admittedly, give or take, every single political party in this election cycle wants to stimulate the economy, focus concern on employment regarding locals, education reforms and municipal monies like CPF, state investment firms, etc. While the ideological factor and minor focal points vary, there’s one thing that places the entire opposition apart from the PAP. The official independence of state organs. From the PAP’s grasp of this nation by electoral dictatorship, it seems that every bit of government has a push from Parliament. This is why we see town councils making decisions that “coincidentally” helps the PAP, the Courts enforcing laws that are purposely made broad to make it both rigid and flexible within it’s intrepetations and individuals being appointed to roles which could affect their performance based on their personal interests.

So what if if not even the presence of the PSP is enough to tip the scales this round ? In that worst case scenario, the sheer amount of real life experience within their talent pool will help the Opposition mature even more. Frankly, I believe that with their energy, the voice of the people long silenced arrogantly by the lightning party will no longer be denied a voice. We have pawned our rights on the principle that they can hold onto it until we as a society are stable and rich.Now we want it back and frankly, the people don’t want some excuse that prevents us from using our pawn ticket to regain what should be rightfully ours

The ability for society to have a large discussion without fear of police detainment, the ability for creativity to be nurtured, the ability for those stuck in less fortunate situations get actual help instead of being labelled “lazy” outright and education that’s not just training for a piece of paper. Only then my friends, ONLY then can we truly pursue happiness and subsequently lift ourselves out of this cycle of misery. Maybe finally make a place where you’d actually want to copulate and raise a darling little family in.

But to end this on a light note, I find it funny that when you Google “PSP” on Google, the party is what comes up first. To find info on the PSP console, you have to specifically mention the brand “Sony” in front of it. Imagine the sheer amount of redirects that took Google’s algorithm to think “Huh, seems like people here associate the term ‘PSP’ with a political party rather than a game console that sold 80 million units up till the early 2010s. Let’s make it so !” To quote their odd slogan: For Country, For People ! It’s probably the people that made the term redirect to their party kn this country. I hope that’s a small signal of the large changes they can bring to this country’s politics.

ASS Loyal Reader Justin

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