GE2020: PAP’s Brutality Against SDP Dr Chee Soon Juan Shows That The 4G Leaders Are Bullies

Why is Centre for Liveable Cities under MND-MEWR, with Dr Liu Thai Ker as Chairman of Board of Advisors, a member of Megacities Think Tank Alliance?

Singapore growing into a Megacity implies clearly a population of 10 Million or More. CLC is not an instituion of Higher Learning. If it is one, dabling in theoretical plausibilities is a believable reasoning. CLC is clearly present to guide policy formulation.

Although I am not a member of any political party, I find the POFMA application and the denial by PAP government to having any links to the floating of the idea of 10 million population in this stage of election very distateful especially the subject of plausible 10 Million population has surfaced many times over.

The fact that CLC is funded by MND – MEWR for the past 12 years along with the retention of Dr Liu Thai Ker as Chairman of Board Advisors shows the interest to retain Dr Liu’s ideas.

PAP’s bashing of just one person on the repeat of an idea that was originated by a notable member of a policy fomulation centre under 2 ministries when the notion was raised many times over by different persons in and outside of the political parties only shows the desperation and hard handed bullying approach to ensure conformity.

If I am still working in policy work, how I would respond to facilitate Singaporeans to gain understanding on the matter of a plausible Megacity Growth to a 10 Million population is this:-

‘My fellow Singaporeans, before the unprecedented global CoVid Pandemic, the pace of global development of cities world wide has been very very rapid. Megacities are appearing in places where just 2 decades ago were small towns. In ASEAN, Malaysia has seen its administrative capital shifted from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya freeing up valuable land for future growth into possibly a megacity. Indonesia will be shifting its administrative capital to Kalimantan the island of Borneo easing up land for restructuring of Jakarta as another megacity.

Had CoViD not set in, the rise of megacities in Asia and the world would likely continue to happen over the course of the next couple of decades.

Singapore is a City-State. It is home to both permanent and transient population. Like it or not, the growth of Megacities at our door step such as in Johor, Malaysia or Riau Islands, Indonesia would mean the flow of people would likely to double.

Yes, we have looked into the plausiible scenarios where Singapore becomes a Megacity in 40-50 years time from one extreme where the growth is planned to another extreme where the growth happens in sporadic spurts.

These are projections in situations of the old normal where global competition in trade, global communications and low cost air travel were booming. These are projections of five to ten decades ahead should Singapore remain competitive alongside our regional neighbours.

However, CoViD has changed this normal that we are so familiar with. Governments and people all over the world are reevaluating how and how fast physical global connectedness has to happen. Now the region may not grow just as fast over the next 3-4 decades. In the same way, Singapore may not need to immediately become a Megacity of 10million or more people.’


That or something similar could possibly be a more classy response. Now, the image of an uneloquent, uncreative 4G bully becomes so imprinted in the minds of so many voters of today, and voters of tomorrow.

Nevertheless, Singapore as a Megacity of 10 million, whether planned or organically happen will be a disaster without civic and political maturity of its rooted citizens.

Singapore Deserves Better Leaders

Fortunately I now work with troubled youths and spend time in my upcycling workshop thinking what can I do with Junk.

ASS Loyal Reader Rafiz

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