GE2020: PAP Aljunied Suicide Squad Giving Out Bird’s Nest to Voters in Their Ward After Giving Free Texas Chicken

First it was 2-piece Texas chicken and now upgraded to bird's nest. The desperate PAP Aljunied suicide squad is resorting to more expensive goodies to lure voters into giving them their vote as if it can be bought with food.

An Aljunied resident received a box of New Moon bird's nest with PAP candidate Shamsul Kamar's face on it and the People's Association's logo.

The suicide team should just give up and stop using such tactics to get votes. Aljunied residents have been hanging hammers on their house gates to show which party they support. Is that not clear enough that the PAP is not welcome in Aljunied ward?



PAP come out to say that the bird's nest is donated by grassroots leaders and given out in 2019, only leftover give to families under the Kaki Bukit social assistance programmes. Do you believe?

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