GE2020: East Coast-Fengshan Town Council Fails To Explain Why Workers Were Carrying Election Materials

On 3 July, a sharp-eyed netizen spotted foreign workers wearing East Coast-Fengshan Town Council uniforms carrying and transporting a trolley full of bags. These bags allegedly contained PAP election pamplets and newsletters, and these workers were subsequently spotted distributing these bags to residents in Bedok. Photos of these acts were shared widely on social media, leading netizens to question why the Town Council resources were used for a particular political party's use.

The East Coast-Fengshan Town Council eventually caught wind of this incident and conducted an investigation. Within a day, the Town Council eventually identified these workers as employers of its estate cleaning contractor. A Town Council spokesperson told the 158 state media the workers "were not fulfilling any duties related to the town council at that time." The spokesperson also claimed the estate cleaning contractor was reminded to observe the Town Council's guidelines, and that its workers should not be wearing Town Council uniforms to do "non-town council-related work."

So it seems that the blame over this incident was being shifted to the estate cleaning contractor. However it remains unexplained why were these workers transporting and distributing PAP election materials. It is doubtful that these workers had volunteered to help the PAP outside of their work hours. One can only wonder who is the estate cleaning contractor, and which individual could have exploited the workers by ordering them to handle PAP election propaganda.

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