GE2020: PSP Forced To Remove West Coast GRC Posters By Town Council

The PSP team was just ordered to take down 50 PSP campaign posters by West Coast Town Council. Hours of their hard work went down the drain. It was puzzling because the PAP posters were left untouched.

The PSP is currently in touch with the Elections Department about this issue and said that they will provide a timeline of events shortly.

The Town Council and Elections Department need to come out and answer to all West Coast voters why the PSP posters were asked to be taken down but the PAP posters can remain? Isn’t both organisations supposed to be non-partisan?

Dr Tan Cheng Bock and his team in West Coast must be getting a lot of support from residents until the PAP is so scared of them that they are playing this kind of tricks to leave opposition at a disadvantage again.

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