GE2020: Mysterious Man Steals PSP Flyers From Residents’ Door 30 Min After It Was Distributed

A mysterious man in red was caught on CCTV stealing PSP flyers from a unit in Tanjong Pagar GRC, where the PSP is contesting in.

The CCTV camera clearly showed a team of PSP volunteers going on their walkabout and placing their flyers on home units where the owners are not at home. 30 minutes later, a man walked up to the unit with the flyer and removed it without the owner’s knowledge or permission.

Why is it that at every election, there will be people going around stealing opposition pamphlets and flyers? Who are these mysterious men stealing it, are they PAP supporters or grassroots activists? Can the PAP play fair for once instead of always resorting to such dirty tricks? This is one of the reason why so many cannot stand the PAP and won’t vote for them anymore.

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