GE2020: Fake Bookie Odds Being Spread To Cause Panic

Illegal bookie predictions and forecasts for GE2020 are allegedly being spread through messaging apps. Based on an alleged screenshot of these odds, it appears that bookies are expecting the PAP to lose multiple constituencies by a small margin. However our readers are advised against spreading these messages as they are both illegal and fake news to cause panic.

Such bookie predictions for the General Elections polling day results are not new. In previous elections, these bookie predictions initially showed polling day results which were relatively balanced wins and losses by the PAP. However towards the actual polling day, the bookie odds were drastically adjusted to show that PAP may lose the majority of seats and the opposition will win by a landslide. These eye-popping odds created a climate of fear, causing voters to believe that the PAP may not form the government.

If voters think more carefully, such bookie predictions may actually be underhanded tactics used to paint a picture of “despair” where the PAP loses its majority in Parliament. Readers must always carefully ask who would benefit most from creating such fake news? Especially when such information can be used to sway people to vote for “comfort and safety”. Don’t be fooled by such fake news. Regardless of who forms the majority in Parliament, Singapore and Singaporeans will be resilient and pull through any situation.

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