GE2020: East Coast-Fengshan Town Council Workers Spotted Distributing PAP Propaganda To Residents Homes

A resident has spotted foreign workers from the East Coast-Fengshan town council carrying and transporting a trolley full of bags and subsequently distributing PAP election pamplets and newsletters to voters in the ward.

One worker was wearing a maroon shirt that read "East Coast-Fengshan Town Council".

Town Council resources should not be put to use for one political party's use. We all pay Conservancy so why only do for PAP? Many opposition candidates do not have town council resources at their disposal, so this severely limits their campaign efforts. This gives the PAP and unfair advantage in the already rigged game of gerrymandering and dirty politics.

Such dirty tactics need to stop now, and the way we can do that, is to vote wisely, vote for change.

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