GE2020: 154 Media Changes Headlines On WP Jamus Lim Article To Make It More Flattering For PAP Vivian Balakrishnan

On 1 July, an AsiaOne ( a subsidiary of SPH) article heaping praise on Workers’ Party’s Dr Jamus Lim’s performance on last night’s televised General Election debate was published. Hours later it was yanked.

Then it was republished just now with a more flattering headline for the ruling party’s Minister. It included one tiny, added paragraph “As for Dr Balakrishnan, the Minister for Foreign Affairs also scored tons of brownie points online for his composure under the keen queries fielded by the opposition”.

It looks like the writer got a memo from the Government to give the poor Minister some credit. It’s like they need that extra support so badly. And thats why SIngapore’s mainstream media tanks on independence and true journalism

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