GE2020: Ho Ching Delays Temasek Holdings Annual Report Until After The Elections

Temasek Holdings has made the rare decision to delay its annual report until September, which is after the general elections.

In her Facebook post, Ho Ching blamed Covid19 for forcing companies around the world to delay their financial results.

She said: “Although we didn’t anticipate a Covid pandemic, the economic indicators had become worrisome since last year…Clearly Covid is now a bigger problem than we had expected.”

So got Covid cannot issue report, but can have elections? Ho Ching should stop making all sorts of silly excuses and admit the real reason why the reports is being delayed. Is it because they don’t want the results to be out during this sensitive election period, and she is scared that it will affect her husband at the polls?

This is exactly the reason why we cannot have both husband and wife running the country. And the only way we can stop that is to vote one of them out!

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