GE2020: Election Debate Showed Vivian Balakrishnan’s Personal Vendetta Against Dr Chee Soon Juan

As I viewed the CNA debate last night, I really find it so hard to respect VB for the way he deliberately singled out CSJ as someone who patternly promulgates falsehood. That is such a mean blow below the belt.

To begin with, the so called debate was glaringly unfairly structured as it gives VB an unfair advantage over the other 3 debaters. Where on earth do we find a political debate where one party is given more time than others to advance their case? This is only true in Singapore and more than anything else, it illustrates the sad truth of the state of political affairs in this country.

Is it any wonder that WP has been championing all these while for a first world parliament because the playing field here is so uneven and the goal post keeps getting moved about all the time especially gerrymandering. All these in order to ensure political domination and survival of the ruling party.

Judging from the comments made by VB as he engaged CSJ, it looks like the MIWs really do have a personal vendetta against CSJ and that they will be mortified if he ever get into parliament. This may be the reason why in all the previous GEs, they pulled no punches when it comes to him. I have long lost count at all the instances of mudslinging against him. Yet, this man has stayed the course unlike someone recently who made a claim to stay the course but only to melt away when the heat got too hard for him to bear. So who has got more iron in him?

I find it distasteful and a cheap shot when VB tries to establish cosy rapport and solidarity with the other 2 opposition candidates as brothers of similar causes while treating CSJ like an ostracised pariah of ill repute. The disdain he has for him is all too obvious for people to see on TV last night. As this is national TV, it will hardly be surprising if this will backfire on VB.

The heartening thing about this debate is the revelation of the high caliber of candidates in the opposition camp. The slate this time is most impressive as can be seen in the way they presented themselves and how they rationally and inteligently argued their cases yesterday. It will convince many fence sitters to cast their votes in their favour and that includes CSJ.

If anything has clearly emerged from last night’s lopsided debate, the PAP certainly does not have a monopoly of ideas and answers that will engineer the country’s economic growth and prosperity as well as well thought of plans to protect and care for the welfare of the people. Groupthink has been the malaise of the MIWs for so long as they have unfortunately succumbed to the delusional idea that they are infallible and invincible and that they have all the right answers. Clearly they do not. Last night’s debate is a case in point.

ASS Loyal Reader Simon

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