New Satellite Based ERP System To Kick In After Elections

Since 2018, LTA has been testing the new distance-based satellite ERP system which will replace the existing gantry systems which charges a flat rate. The new system will track and charge motorists based on distance.

What does this mean? It means that very soon, the government will be able to track and know your every move within this country. This also means that we might possibly be paying more ERP than the exorbitant fees that we are already currently paying because it is distanced based – the farther or longer you drive, the more you pay.

With high COE prices, high road tax, high petrol costs, and now possibly even higher ERP charges, the government is making it very expensive for the sandwiched class – hardworking families with elderlies and children who need care and transportation to get around. The gap between the rich and the poor is slowly but surely widening.

Drivers, please open your eyes and ears to see what will happen to us if we continue to vote in the PAP.

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