GE2020: The Top Five Hunks Of GE2020

With election fever climbing since Nomination Day, the men of GE2020 has also set some hearts throbbing and temperatures rising. If elections could be won based purely on looks, netizens certainly feel these male candidates will make it into Parliament. The gentlemen featured here do not represent our views or support for any particular party.

5. Williamson Lee (Singapore People's Party)

The SPP Vice-Chairman looks crisp and sharp even at the age of 40. He could also be poised for greater things in the party after serving under its founding members for over a decade.

4. Jamus Lim (The Workers' Party)

Jamus Jerome Lim is one of WP's breakout star who has handled himself eloquently with campaign speeches. Some netizens say this Doctor of International Economics has both brain and brawn.

3. Terence Soon (Progress Singapore Party) 

Known as the SIA pilot from PSP, Terence Soon has swooped into the hearts and minds of many netizens. This 29 year old has also dabbled with his own business ventures, and believes youths should also have the courage to start their own businesses too.

2. Xie Yao Quan (People's Action Party)

A last-minute addition to PAP's line-up, Xie Yao Quan has excited a number of netizens due to this elite pedigree. Topless photos of Xie Yao Quan has also set many hearts beating faster.

1. Chee Soon Juan (Singapore Democratic Party)

The only man in this list who is known to run triathlons, Dr Chee Soon Juan shows that he has the iron in him both physically and mentally. This political veteran has seen much through his political career, and these experiences could have helped forged his grit and tenacity even at his age. If a man can still look this good at age 57, netizens certainly believe he deserves at spot at the top.

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