GE2020: The Top 5 Chio Bu Of GE2020

Since the start of GE2020 Nomination Day, Singaporeans have been scrutinizing the characters and backgrounds of political candidates. However it seems the public has also taken an interest in the looks of various candidates. We have compiled a list of top five beauties (chio bu) for GE2020 based on public opinion. The ladies featured here do not represent our views or support for any particular party.

5. Michelle Lee (Red Dot United)

The Chairperson of Red Dot United does not look a year above 40. Her spritely and youthful personality is fitting of Singapore's newest political party, and seemed to have charmed a number of netizens.

4. Tan Chen Chen (The Workers' Party)

Many may be surprised to learn that this WP newcomer is actually a mother of one. The glow of a new mother has smitten the hearts of many.

3. Nadia Samdin (People's Action Party)

Nadia Ahmad Samdin is the youngest lady here at age 30 but she is already an associate director at TSMP Law Corporation. Perhaps this combination of youth and power is what electrified some netizens?

2. Sun Xue Ling (People's Action Party)

It seems that a significant number of netizens are still dazzled by Sun Xueling even though this 40 year old is a mother of two. It was a close fight for top position in this list as she has a very strong online fanbase because of her looks.

1. Nicole Seah (The Workers' Party)

Singaporeans were first introduced to Nicole Seah during GE2011 where she contested in Marine Parade GRC at the age of 24. She was then crowned as the second most popular politician online after Lee Kuan Yew. 9 years on, Nicole Seah continues to fascinate the hearts and minds of Singaporeans. Many netizens are also swooned by how classy and sophiscated she has grown over the years.

Did your favourite politician make this list?

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