GE2020: PAP Aljunied Suicide Squad Giving Free Texas Chicken To Voters In Their Ward

An Aljunied GRC resident has received an invitation letter from PAP candidate Shamsul Kamar inviting her to collect a free 2 piece Texas Chicken meal:

You are invited to receive 1 set of Texas Chicken 2 Piece Meal. This event is sponsored by TEXAS CHICKEN and you are requested to attend as listed below:

Saturday, July 4, 2020 AM to 12:00 AM

Place: Block 527 Bedok North SL 3 (Shaik Abdul Kader AL Jailani Eat Place Pte Ltd) Terms & Conditions

1. Only those who receive this letter, must attend
2. Limited to 1 set per family
3. Please bring this letter with your Identity Card to receive the invitation I hope you have the opportunity to attend this event I would love to meet you, if there is a chance"

Is the PAP Aljunied suicide team so desperate that now they are even literally giving away free fried chicken in an attempt to lure voters? Do they really think that Aljunied residents are so cheap that their votes can be bought by chicken wings?

The PAP should stop using such loser tactics to try to win votes because all of us know that they may give you chicken wings now but they will definately take back a whole chicken later after they win the GE.


Update: Shamsul Kamar has issued a clarification on this issue

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