GE2020: This Election Is One Of The Most Polarising One In SG History

It has almost been a week through election fever. I need not mention on the shocking arrogance that resulted with the withdrawl of Ivan Lim, the inconsistent enforcement of social distancing that had a PSP team fined, but a PAP team scot-free, some schism involving the Reform Party, the sudden appearance of the “Red Dot United” after a month of application, Dr Chee Soon Juan firing back…

It seems that this election is the most polarizing one in Singaporean history. That is by no accident however. This happens to be the first set of General Elections where the millennial segment of locals make up the largest Bloc of voters, that being people roughly 26 – 40 years old. While they were growing up, Singapore was either advanced developing or achieved first world development, which places their priorities at odds with older people who generally tolerated a sacrifice of several rights for economic growth.

Amid costs getting higher and wages stagnating, like so many first world nations, unlike the others we do not have a means in which to make our sombre situation at least a bit cheerful. Any bit of art that’s worth consuming is deemed too harmful for the pro-family narrative that is encouraged here.
Meanwhile, the policies enacted to stabilize population growth weren’t necessarily pro-children and as a result the fertility rate tanked. Combining this with the complex preference for foreign labour as a result of our local shortfall, we have to figure out how to avoid what little culture formed by centuries of history that’s not censored through irreversible demographic changes. A nation with a threat of a slow death by population displacement coupled with costs too high for locals to consider raising children… This whole cycle is compounding our impending doom !

Notwithstanding this Pandemic, which has forced Political entities to utilize more digital platforms like TV broadcasts, Social Media advertisement and Party Websites to campaign and spread their particular beliefs to the general population… This is the most bizarre time within our politics as a Sovereign State. At this point, the people want this great nation to shed away her old robes of Authoritarianism into the more loose costume of a liberal democracy. To try and actually do something for the small island we call home. For our society to be bettered for more locals to pursue happiness through Financial Security that is not hard to obtain. But how do we obtain and then keep something that we never had the chance to use before?

In Singaporean history, the power structure usually isn’t dependent on the will of the people, rather the divine right to rule. Sure the people on top has changed. But they’re more or less only within the interests of the ruling class and not general public sentiment. From the Srivijayan Empire, the Sultanate of Malacca, The British East India Company, the British themselves, a cruel Imperial Japanese war machine, the British again, the central government of a newly formed Malaysian Federation and a political Party who has managed to keep a Veto Override Majority through 60 consecutive years. The tactics are all the same: Build up the place enough for citizens to not complain immediately, squash all opposition that does immediately poses a threat to whatever rhetoric is used for your case and then reap in the benefits from having people who tolerate their subjugation as their subordinate in life.

In a society where rule has always been in the hands of a few, how can we make sure that the foundations of those reforms are steady if we start dictating society by the voice of many? I leave you with that thought as I have to sleep soon. I probably have some walkabout or other miscellaneous grassroots activity to carry out within the morning. There always seems to be a lack of good men willing and vocal enough to help out the cause, so I’m sacrificing the time I’d play video games with to do that instead. I’ll be right here if something major within this Election season comes up. Till then reader

ASS Loyal Reader Justin

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