GE2020: Opposition Candidates’ Pictures Missing in ST Nomination Day Live Coverage

The 158th media has completely failed at hiding their bias by leaving out the faces of opposition candidates in their Nomination Day Live Coverage.

158 did not bother to find photos of opposition candidates and just showed them as blanks while all the PAP candidates’ faces were shown. What is their excuse for not being able to get a photo of the prominent Paul Tambyah who is going to be president of the International Society of Infectious Diseases?

As for Chee Soon Juan, it is obvious they picked an unflattering photo of him alongside his opponent Murali Pillai who has been criticised for the Bukit Batok hose reel negligence and is in need of positive press.

Several opposition parties also have most or all of their candidates’ pictures missing. They can’t even do a simple job of finding and inserting photos. It’s simply ridiculous and hilarious.

It is no wonder they are 158th. Shame on them.

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