GE2020: East Coast Voters Should Vote WP So That Tharman Can Be Prime Minister

To East Coast voters, please vote WP and vote Heng Swee Keat out. The benefits to you and Singapore are:

1. This is the best chance for us to get Tharman as Singapore’s PM, if Heng is out

2. You will get Nicole Seah and an excellent WP team in Parliament

3. You send the signal that the PAP should not be so kia su as to field big guns in order to deprive us of good opposition candidates and parties while protecting weak PAP candidates in a GRC

4. Heng Swee Keat can be appointed to head GIC or better still, Temasek Holdings to replace Ho Ching; the government will never waste such a finance talent as he is; he need not be in politics to serve Singapore; or he could be fielded as President after Halimah

Vote wisely.

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