GE2020: Tan Jee Say Asks To Rejoin Singapore Democratic Party

On 29 June Tan Jee Say stated his intent to continue providing an alternate voice for Singaporeans, but this time under the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). He has initiated contact with SDP Secretary-General Dr Chee Soon Juan about his interest to rejoin the party.

His decision to rejoin SDP was based on two reasons: Firstly, SDP's values reflect the values and beliefs he champions for Singaporeans. Secondly, SDP is a great party with dynamic leadership that has grown in strength over the years.

Back in 2011 Tan Jee Say contested as a SDP candidate in the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC. He subsequently left the party to contest in the Presidential Election before returning to SDP once more. Tan Jee Say eventually founded SingFirst in 2014. This announcement comes four days after Tan Jee Say confirmed the dissolution of his former Singaporeans First (SingFirst) Party.

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